Saturday, December 1, 2018

Lyric published at POETs The Original from 03.11.2018 until 30.11.2018


On Leaving the Jetty and …

The boat trailer leaves ruts
In the sand to the jetty
And you will leave wet tracks
On the planks of the jetty

When you’ve cast off
You’re soon cast out

Your boat will leave behind
Quietness to the jetty
After trenching the water
A white cicatrix remains

You’re moving on
You’re a rover

Your tracks are gone by now
The water’s scar has healed
Where are you now, cast out?
And will you return some day?

Your swaying boat
Your balmy night

Your boat has only one bunk
With whom will you share the night?
Perhaps with the sunken moon
And sunrise still is hours away

Boat in the wind
Sun behind clouds

While you’re working on the boat
The day passes in a snap
And then it is night again
With no one sharing your bunk

Howl to the night
And tack your boat

You scar the water again
But the night will cover you
No use for the sextant now
Your boat will find the jetty

And miles to go
In a black night

Day has won over the night
The sun showers gold on you
Coming back to the jetty
You find what you were seeking

You leave the boat
Leave it behind

                                   ... returning back

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch


#poetslineprompts by our fabuluous hosts +karen hayward and +Ellen Waters

Clocks without time

When the sand clock failed
And the sundial shattered
Did you take the sand?
To where did you carry it?

Into the tents of the nomads
If you drink goat's milk to pita
Time vanishes with the stars
And without time you may dream

The sand is better in the eyes
Than buried deep down in urns
Let go of the sundial, my dear
And be one with your dreams again

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch


Silent Night

Thunderstruck cry of the lily woman
Christmas lights are shining
In bizarre lighting events
In the lost and desolate villages
Where the edges of the houses glow
Where reindeer compete with their Santas
To move as little as possible

Too much red and gold
For the green-white lily woman
She gazes after the aliens
As they drag jute sack after jute sack
And throw them on sledges
Christmas night according to schedule
Better no gifts or silent night

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch
From Diefenbach (Eifel), 69 inhabitants … and not growing.

PS. Have to leave right away, though "I have promises to keep, / And miles to go before I sleep, ".


The Sick Wolf

The lone wolf is sick now
And feels lonelier than ever
He has come out of the dark forest
Into the grey borders of the city
No howling anymore
Only whine and whimper
He’s prowling in garbage

The dogs used to look up to him
But when they see the limping wolf
They yelp at him in despise
The wolf, however, has his dreams
Of the forest and its’ prey
And when the moon is hiding
He silently prays for healing

Why should the wolf be different from us?

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (pictures and poem)


But Have Us Back

Please, nature, god or Mrs. Smith
Let the stars twinkle above
When we ride
Let there be scrunching snow
When we ride
Under the vats of our sled

Let us sing to the night
And songs soar high above
To the sky
Let us raise our merry cups
To the sky
When we ride into the winter

Let the sky be the limit
For our songs and our mirth
But have us back for Christmas

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (poem and picture)


Existentialistic Exhilaration

The blind man drinks black milk
And the sighted man drinks white
When the blind man speaks of white
He certainly means black

In the goblets of time
The liquid isn’t just one color
It’s black and white at the same time
Or like a crystal innumerable

The blind man drinks from the goblet
And he fills it more and more
The sighted man pours into the cup
And empties it more and more

Blind and sighted people stop drinking
But they continue to raise their goblets

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (poem and pictures)
Ahwas (اهواز)

#PoetsLinePrompt - "JOLLIFICATION"
Hosted by our talented +linda bradley todd

Dance, dance, dance

Dance, dance, dance
But some cling to their glasses
Even to their tea cups

Tea and scones
We aren’t at a garden party
So leave your tea cups

A revolution is not a garden party
Dance, dance, dance
Always revolving, round and round

Jump up from your glasses
Stop stuffing yourselves with scones
Join the party, let’s go

Dance, dance, dance
Go wild and crazy, dance
Dance at the jollification

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (poem)
© 2018 linda bradley todd (picture)


About Wind

I’ve built a house
I’ve planted a garden
Also a water pond
I’ve enjoyed music and singing
I’ve hung pictures in the house
I drank red wine
Let women be around me
But everything was just for wind

I’ve looked up to the wind
As he carried away the balloon with a child's card
How he got caught in the leaves of the tree
How he sighed and sang
How he brought the rain
And pushed away the clouds again
And all that did the wind
Without making a grab

Everything is vanity
According to the preacher
But I will gaze after the wind
I could not hold
Will fly with him
To the corners of eternity

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (picture and poem)

Trees shedding leaves
Days lost their warmth
Some daisies though

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (picture and poem)


Groping Along 
At the edges of light
Groping along
The suffocated cries of
Faithlessness, hatred, delusion
The leaves from last year
You step on fallen things
Wide paths
In the darkness of the soul
Only a narrow path
Next to the abyss

© 2012 and 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (picture and poem)



Shore trees in the mirror
Of ripples of the lake
The sky drags clouds
Which the wind will ruffle up
A leaf falls from a tree
A sunbeam through clouds
No cycle
Can last forever

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (picture and poem)

Night Gray

As shadows after shadow
Disappears into shadows
Punches of light
Getting lost in the tangle of shadows
Light absorbed in shadows
-: but
Out of the blackness
A dark gray has arisen

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (picture and poem)

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