Friday, December 7, 2018

In the Wake of this Week

This has been a strange week, in which I had been drifting and have been tossing and turning.

The week started grand optimistic with presenting this week’s prompt #Poetsphotoprompts on POETS The Original. I had a recent photograph, which is shown here.
Monday had been a long day as I had been joining this month’s presbytery meeting.

Tuesday was filled with work and another meeting in the afternoon. On top I had been rendering a talk on dietary supplements. Later in the evening I returned to my apartment. And then the heating system ran berserk. One of the radiators started vibrating and produced a high pitched tone of about 85-90 dezibel, which I couldn’t change. So it meant a night of tossing and turning.

Wednesday at about 5.30 a.m. the noise stopped, suddenly, only to start again after a couple of minutes. I hoped that with the other tenants starting to heat that the noise would stop for good. Midday came and I have gotten a weird call by my mother that my father had been admitted to hospital. The 93 years old man spent there a couple of hours and had been discharged by the evening – without anything wrong save being old. After work I went to my parents and everything had been alright. How about my apartment? Yes, “it’s the dragon again, devouring maidens out of season”. The radiator had started his song again.

Thursday had been a busy day, but I could get hold of the landlord to send a heating engineer to fix the radiator. He didn’t go to the right radiator, but somehow he fixed the problem. Thursday night was rosy and dreams.

Now, it’s Friday and I bob up and down in the wake of this week’s events. 



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