Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Very Basic Guide to Spanish

This is a very basic guide to Spanish. You might have read my very basic guide to Russian, Japanese or Mandarin; if not, please look for the reference / link part at the end of this blogpost.

Pronounciation isn't so hard in Spanish or Castellano, as it is called in Southern America. In Spain c and z are pronounced like th in English, not so in South America. Keep in mind that Arnold Schwarzenegger could produce a reasonable hasta la vista.
Thanks – gracias
Many thanks – muchas gracias
Please – por favor
Excuse me – perdón
Please excuse– disculpe, por favor
I am (very) sorry – lo siento mucho
Good morning – buenos días
Good afternoon – buenas tardes
Good evening – buenas noches
Hello – hola
Goodbye – hasta la vista
Until soon – hasta pronto
How much is it? – cuanto cuesta?
Please write it down- escribamelo por favor
I don’t understand – no comprende
Where is – donde está
Where are the toilets? – donde estan los servicios
What is your name? – cómo se llama / cómo te llamas
I am LMK – soy LMK
Left – izquierda
Right – derecha
Straight ahead – todo recto

PS. Mistakes are my mistakes!

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  1. Sounds like Charlie Hunnam h-AS got some seri ous regrets about passing up the character of
    Christian Grey in 50 Shades.

    1. No, actually I am regretting letting such spam through.