Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Blog Haiku Older Blossoms

During spring
Even the cat
Paints cherry blossoms

Heavy rain
On new boots
How they shine!

Middle of my days
The willows bow as I pass
I bow joyfully

The moaning shadows
So many wrong turns taken
Still reaching the goal

Chanting Heart Sutra
Not aware of the stone heart
Still true, even so

Gnarled oak tree and grass
Talking with wind, clouds, and sky
I talk with the sun

Moon behind the trees
So close that one thinks one could
Touch it from the tops

Moon hasn’t risen yet
And watch hands move through honey
As I wait and wait

The hawk soaring high
What are we but little hares
Living in sunshine

Being lost in thought
A turtle rushes past me
Won’t grab both of them

The swaying high grass
Trees nodding their approval
Spring reached the land

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