Friday, July 13, 2018

Poems and Photographs published at Sreejoni

Sreejoni is a community, where poetry in English and Bengali as well as photographs are exchanged.


The steel rooster, nobody would steal
The rust rooster, nobody would roast
The junk rooster, nobody would scrap

The static rooster, who doesn’t move
The mute rooster, who doesn’t crow
The sly rooster, who doesn’t chat

But when this rooster comes to life
And when this rooster crows
He shall do so like his ancestor – T-Rex

Through the swords hidden against

Through the depth of destiny
The swords never be found
Well hidden in time and darkness
Against all evil forces

The tough went through all troubles
To retrieve the swords of Damascene steel
The had not hidden their ambition
And stormed against the forces dark

They finally pierced through ancient secrets
The swords were broken long ago
And therefore they were hidden well
To stand the test against all but one

Now being through all this seeking
The swords are forged together again
They should not be hidden again
Though on one knows the odds against this pledge

Balbals (балбал) are Kurgan stelae. As +Mitali Dey presented a bulbul, I thought to present balbals.

Off Course

Setting off for an easy stride
Across the fields
And through the woods
Night fell with sudden gloom
Wolves howled and passed by
A flutter of bat above
To make sure you know
You’re off course
You grab your stick
Because you have
Of course
Miles to

The following prompts were used:
Hosted and imagerights by +
Patricia Picardi – thanks for the invite

Hosted and invited by +Parrot Wingate

Hosted by +Joaquín Lourido

Hosted and invited by +Prasanna Kkumar


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