Saturday, July 14, 2018

Some Unexpected Literature and Art

The Kurt Sandweg Foundation (curator: Bernd R. Meyer) presents paintings, collages and sculptures at the St. Elisabeth Hospital / Rheinisches Rheuma Zentrum. The vernissage took place on June 20th 2018 [1]. Today I wanted to devote the waiting area some attention as the curator Bernd B. Meyer had used colors of the exhibits to match with the red color on the wall etc. The exhibits in this area are by Werner Laumer.

Werner Laumer was born in 1929 and died in 2017 in Meerbusch. He lived here as a freelance artist from 1962 onwards.The style of Laumer’s paintings and graphics is abstracted. Werner Laumer had handed over his life's work to the Kurt Sandweg Foundation, whose sponsorship officially took over Schweers Informationstechnologie.

But then I’ve seen something else! And I have to say explicitly: I didn’t place the books there on the windowsill.

So, in this hospital you’re welcome to read Schiller and Shakespeare. Where else are you motivated to do so?



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