Thursday, July 26, 2018

Poems and Photographs published at Sreejoni until the 23rd of July 2018

Sreejoni is a community, where poetry in English and Bengali as well as photographs are exchanged.

On the River

Blue sky
Blue water

White house
White boats
White bridge

Green trees
Green grass

Blue sky
White house
Green grass

Blue water
White boats
Green trees

Houseboats gliding
Houseboats mooring
Same blue sky
Same blue water

Let the houseboats glide away
Let trees, grass and houses stay

Be on the white bridge
Be under the bridge

Just be sure
To let the other go or stay

Poem Lothar M. Kirsch © 2018
Hosted by +Prasanna Kkumar
Courtesy image +George Petrovsky

Rocks of the Broken Heart

Iron breaks
Rocks break
And hearts break most easily

The rocks of the broken heart
So cold
So lonely

But the golden rays of hope
Shine through this broken heart
To be mended soon

Poem Lothar M. Kirsch © 2018
Image ©Gel Poetry Garden
Hosted by: +Gel Poetry Garden

Words, Stone and Sand

I had written words
Into the sand
Maybe hoping
For eternity to preserve them

Others had carved words
Into stone
Now unreadable
Stone crumbled into sand

Even when all sand will be gone
The moments will retain a resting spot

Picture and poem by Lothar M. Kirsch © 2018

Past the Graves

At night
Past the graves to the cemetery chapel
Dim light spots of an oil lamp
The black of the night turns blue at the edges
Shimmering small, flaming candles
Shadow of our weakness
Another tear again

When our time has trickled off
Sand grain after sand grain
Ashes will fill the urn

Who shall bear the urn
And delete the words?

Picture and poem by Lothar M. Kirsch © 2018

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