Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Black Sea and Arkadia Beach

You might wonder why the Black Sea is called this way as it is green, as I'll show you.

Odessa has a couple of beaches and Arkadia is one of these. Arkadia has an easy access by tram. So we went there. It is as bad as any tourist frequented seaside resort in the Meditarenean. The place is crowded, lots of tall buildings overlook the bay, most of the beach is private, and the noise is incredible.

The name Black Sea doesn't go back to the Greeks or Romans as one could think as Jason and the argonauts went there to find the Golden Fleece. The name was coined by the Turks as Karadeniz means Black Sea, which was due to its inhospitable aspect. There old Greeks and the Turks meet as the ancient Greeks called the Black Sea Pontus Axeinus, which means inhospitable sea (all wisdom out of the Britannica). Looks below and you agree that the Black Sea is green.

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