Monday, February 25, 2013

Raspberry Ultra Drops - a scam

I've just received an email directing me to  The text looks like from a newscast, so you might think at once that it's a scam. And reading a text like:

Lose 1-2 Pounds Daily! Permanently!
No Hunger Pains, Maintain Muscle Tone, Feel Great!
Equally as Effective as Clinical Injections. Save Money & NO Pain!
Made in the USA! FDA Compliant! All Natural & Completely Safe!
Raspberry Ultra Drops is YOUR Solution! Guaranteed Results

Well that should make you suspicious!

I then looked on the net and found:
So it's a scam. And I don't have to argue on the issue how futile it would be to try to loose weight on drops.

And here's the direct link to scam-watch:

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