Friday, February 15, 2013

New Logic or No Interest in Business

Once at Kiew we were interested on how to get to get to Chernobyl (correct is Chornobyl Чорнобил). It has been the scene for the worlds most severe nuclear disaster, or you might say that Fukushima is even worse. You might also add, that the idea is morbid, kind of catastrophe tourism. Nevertheless, we explored how to get there.

The name of one of the travel agencies arranging such tours is: New Logic (Нью Логшик). But it seemed that that logic applied is erratic.

New Logic isn't easy to find, but we did it; later you might appreciate why I don't give elaborate directions. We went downstairs into the agency, where four young women and a man were having a slow time as we were the only customers. One sipping tea, no one greeting, no one asking what kind of business lead us to their office. After some time we were able to contact one of the women, who seemed to be very happy to tell us, that one needs 10 days in advance to book us on a tour.

As we weren't to keen on the Chornobyl tour, we left the office in good spirits, though the experience at New Logic has been clear of logic.

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