Monday, February 18, 2013

The Wooden Church of Izhma

We went to sea the White Sea at Lapominka (Лапоминка) and afterwards we took the car to Izhma (Ижма) to give a closer view to the wooden church there.

Izhma is a village and one wonders how the church could have survived. After 1918 there weren't any churches being built in the Soviet Union, but the villagers maintained their church. Churches had be used as swimming halls and monasteries were made into youth activity centers, but these are other stories to be told in due time. Maybe the church was used a kolkhose meeting center, who knows?

You will see how badly the church is in the inside. But the church still is a landmark and beautiful in its decay from the ourside. You can also see some buildinfgs, which might have belonged to the church; a place for the pope (priest!), a school and other run down buildings.

We had seen another wooden church before at Rechka (Речка) or Padgorje (Подгорье), but only across the river Dvina (Сев. Двира).

As it is uncertain if the Russian Orthodox Church will send a pope to these remote areas, these churches won't last long. So better hurry to see these hidden treasures for yourself.

Wooden Church of Izhma

A look into the inside

The wooden church at Rechka  or Padgorje Bild 3055

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