Saturday, February 16, 2013

Outskirts of Kiev

Kiev is a large city of 5.6 million inhabitants. We decided to veture into the outskirts. So we took the metro (underground) till Lisova (Лiсова) and changed for a bus, which let us further away from the center. We'd reached the outskrits, still Kiev, but very different from the center.

You find there the typical style of architecture during the time of the Soviet Union. It's named plattenbau. These buildings still exist, but the problems have increased, as I'll tell you later. It looked very peaceful there, lots of green, a school, basic shops, cosmetics and tattoo included, but ...

Typical plattenbau in the outskirts of Kiev

The schoolyard

Hairdressers, cosmetic center, tattoo inclusive

A few shops, including a dairy

Next stop: China

...but the following scene couldn't be photographed. We watched the police arrest a man only in his trousers, while the godfather with his two pitbull terriers stood 5 m next to us also watching the police. We discussed this later and came to the conclusion, that the oppressive soviet system also subdued crime, which has risen since the fall of the iron curtain. Now, the police catches small fish, while the masterminds can act as they wish.

Not a big adventure, but going off the beaten tracks of tourism is always rewarding.

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