Saturday, February 23, 2013

Carpe Diem Haiku Castle

The knight arrives
On horseback at the castle
And leaves by car

Was it romance
Or was it sheer insanity
Sintra and Neuschwanstein

As night falls
Torches are lit at the castle
And centuries stop

The castle ruins
Still with a majestic air
When the eagle circles

Krzysztof Kokot has sent the following haiku invitation:
Dear Lothar,
We want to invite you for a new contest. You can find all information and clues at 
We will appreciate if you will inform all your friends.


  1. love the photos...the first haiku was fun, and the others were also lovely

  2. I love the knight leaving in car ;-)

    1. :-)) Actually these castles survive with people playing knights and damsels. Somehow I didn't find my pictures of Burg Eltz, which is a very good preserved castle.

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