Sunday, February 17, 2013

On Renting a Car in Arkhangelsk

Arkhangelsk (Архангельск) lies up far North (a little above 64° N) and has about 360.000 inhabitants and only little tourism, most of which is happening during summer. So it isn't a big surprise that there aren't any internatiional car rental services. As we wanted to go to Siysky Monastery (Сийский Монастырь), about 160 km South of Arkhangelsk, we needed a car as there isn't any public transport to the lonesome monastery, hidden in between lonesome forests and lakes. Usually there aren't tourists going there but pilgrims. But that's another story, which has already been told.

After own inquieries failed, we went to the tourist ofice, who could help with at least some information. We had to go to Moskovsky Prospect, to the car market and there to a company with the name of Autosale (car sale), but written in Cyrillic it looks like Автосэйл. OK, we've made this, but they didn't have the right car it seemed. Anyway, we waited for the pregnant secretary Larissa, who then had the idea, where we could rent a car. Alexej had to lead us through a maze of backyards until we reached the upmarket Laura car sale (Лаура). After lots of puddles with the size of lakes the lady managing rental affairs looked more like she was going to appear on a catwalk rather than work there. Our destination and the fact that we were staying at Arkhangelsk best hotel earned us the distiction to be able to rent a test car of Laura. Filling out papers took some time, too, but I was quite surprised that my name was now Lothar Manfredovic Kirsch (Лотар Манфредович Кирш).

Renting a car in Arkhangelsk is possible. It may take some time. You need a smattering of Russian and may start at: It was worth every effort and the experience how things work (patience) was incredible.

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