Monday, February 18, 2013

Carpe Diem Haiku Iceberg (provided by YerPirate)

Iceberg in the sea
Though falling to pieces
Sinking Titanic

In the North, under
Aurora borealis
Icebergs are dancing

Glacier’s calves
Turn out to be big icebergs
But melt like snowmen

Plant an apple tree
On the drifting iceberg’s top
As earth’s end is due

Krzysztof Kokot has sent the following haiku invitation:
Dear Lothar,
We want to invite you for a new contest. You can find all information and clues at  
We will appreciate if you will inform all your friends.


  1. Dancing icebergs sounds wonderful.

  2. some fabulous imagery here - 'glaciers calves' is my favorite....and the apocalyptic ending - wow