Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eating Monja (もんじゃ) in Tsukishima (月島)

While in Tokyo, I've been invited by old friend to dine out. We went to Tsukishima (月島). It may well be that the characters had been originally 築島, which means constructed island, as the island had been reclaimed from the sea, but would also be pronounced Tsukishima. 月島 or moon island seems to me to be the better choice. There is a whole road being dedicated to Monja by the name of Nishinakadori (西仲通り).

Nishinakadori, you can see Monja (もんじゃ) being written vertically on the left side above the bycicle; you migh also see the full word Monjayaki (もんじゃ焼き).

The dishes are cooked on a heated plate, the teppan. Veggies,cheese, fish, eggs, meat are put on the teppan in a circle and seasoned, then then the very fluid dough is poured on top and the meal may start soon. Soy sauce is added and pulverized seaweed is sprnkled on top. With small spatulas each one takes small parts, starting from the periphery. It had a most delightful taste. Goes well with a beer.

Interior of the restaurant, looking to the outside

The fluid dough is added

Not ready yet

Nearly ready with seaweed on top

Preparation of the desert

Preparation of the desert part 2

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