Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shinkansen (新幹線)

Taking the Shinkansen (新幹線) means a quick ride, but don’t fall asleep or you might not see Mount Fuji (富士山). By the way it's Fujisan and not Fujiyama. The Shinkansen or Bullet Train is very fast, GPS measured 240 km/h, and maybe sometimes this train might even speed up more.

That's how the train looks like arriving at the station, when the loud-speaker urges you to immediately step back

That's how the station looks like - quite clean. I guess
the hygienic standard is so high that you can use
the station for open heart surgery

Downstairs at the station - close to being an operation chamber!

Mount Fuji in an article of the train magazine

Rushing past Mount Fuji, tea plantation in front

That's how the Railway sees it


Train messages. You might always start learning Japanese before coming to Japan! The Very Basic Guide to Japanese http://rheumatologe.blogspot.de/2013/03/the-very-basic-guide-to-japanese.html  

I went from Kyoto (京都) to Tokyo (東京), changed there for Utsunomiya (宇都宮). I did not care to go further, as Fukushima (福島) lies two stations ahead.

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