Sunday, April 28, 2013

Krill Omega Red Oil - English version

I've been asked to translate my German blogpost on Krill Omenga Red Oil
I had seen an advertisement in a German magazine called tina "the premium women's magazine" No. 16 of the 10.04.2012 edition, p. 65, concerning Krill Omega Red Oil.

We see Kirsten, a "busy and helpful lady" in retirement. She has dressed up for the poster in the colour of the advertised product. The ad wants to tell us, what "krill Omega unlike fish oil" can do. In the first paragraph after under the title "I look after my heart" but no difference to fish oil is presented. Then addressed as"the secret of krill Omega", the krill capsules are described as odor-free - same applies to the salmon oil capsules from ALDI, Lidl & Co.[German discounter chains]. Secondly, it is claimed that krill is a more effective source of than omega-3 fatty acids than fish oil . "1 Capsule contains: 200 mg phospholipids, of which 60% are omega-3 phospholipids." 115 mg omega-3 fatty acids with the following composition: 50% EPA, 28% DHA and 22% other fatty acids. "Antioxidant: astaxanthin 25 µg." The ALDI (South) salmon oil capsule contains 191 mg omega-3 fatty acids, of which 148 mg are DHA and EPA (in a capsule of krill Omega there are only 90 mg). Well, there's something fishy! Moreover it's advertised, that krill oil comes from the most unpolluted sea - this may be true, but also the fish oil capsules are free of pollutants. Whether krill oil or fish oil can maintain heart health, is still under discussion. There is not a single study that describes an advantage of krill oil.

Let's have a look at costs. Most sites on the Internet charge about €27 for 60 pills [German sources]. At ALDI, you pay approx. 5 ct (approximately €3.00 for 120 capsules) per gram of fish oil. For Krill Omega Red Oil you'd pay a whopping €2.50 per gram of krill oil.

Krill Oil is a by-product of the extraction of krill powder for animal fodder.

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