Thursday, April 18, 2013

Graveyards in Japan

I had the sheer luck to stumple into some graveyards. It isn't that the Japanese keep their graveyards unaccessible, but often places in nature are preferred. You can see a mixture of different creeds all buried along together. I've seen people bringing flowers as in Western countries, but I've seen people burning incence as well.

A graveyard photographed from the Sinkansen (新幹線)

A graveyard in the mountains of Kyoto (東山).
The wooden tablets show prayers to Buddha
(Shakyamuni - 南无本师释迦牟尼)

倶舎一処 means "Kusha one place" - a collective place for the Kusha, a Buddhist sect,
which originated in the 7th century

Torii (arches) and stone lanterns belong to the graves, too


Another graveyard, here also with Christian graves

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