Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kimono and Traditional Dress

In most hotels you don a yukata (浴衣) in the evening in your room and in the traditional ryokan style hotel (旅館) you do so also outside of your room.
You will see waitresses being dressed in kimono in up market restaurants.
In Kyoto you will see quite a lot of woman, even tourists, dressed in kimono. Actually I had a hard time to know differentiate when the Chinese young ladies dressed in kimono and having a Japanese hair style - I could only do so when they talked.

Three young ladies walking under blossoming cherry trees

Waitress in restaurant serving

Waiting for the bus

At Kinkakuji

Taking wedding pictures at Hamarikyu Gardens (浜離宮恩師庭園) - the couple has been very lucky as later the sky had been covered with clouds and it also rained a little. I wish them all the best!

Some wedding pictures are here:  (Odessa / Ukraine)

If you like to compare Japanese and Korean traditional dress: and

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