Saturday, April 20, 2013

Japan and Everyday Calligraphy

I fancy the everyday calligraphy in Japan. The art of calligraphy (書道) is something different, writing sophisticated characters and texts with a brush. I've seen calligraphy brushes are prices of a couple of hundred Euros. Here I'll show you the aesthetics of everyday life.

Here is an advertisement for fresh fish. Left side on top it reads Japanese recommendations, and right side: Japanese fresh fish.

Another shop advertising. I guess you can read Chablis and Chivas. Next to the Chablis (right side) you find ice coffee. You'll see lots of Western foods as well as purely Japanese like nori (のり), the seaweed sheets for sushi (寿司).

Here's another shop

And here are the prices at a tempura restaurant (天ぷら). on the left side is plumwine (梅酒 or うめ酒).

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