Monday, April 22, 2013

Tweetup EULAR13

The EULAR 2013 Meeting in Madrids lies only about 7 weeks ahead of us and we should plan our tweetup. Lets plan for a Tweetup at the meeting tiself as well as a Social Tweetup as we did in Berlin at the EULAR 2012 or at the ACR 2012 in Washington.

I propose communication should be done on twitter with the hashtag #EULAR13.

There are the usual problems, which I believe shouldn't be too difficult to solve.

Let’s first try to make sure, who is coming. Next step would be, where we could meet.

The meeting will start at the 12th of June and end at the 15th of June. More on the homepage of EULAR: Information on the IFEMA – Feria de Madrid Convention Center at:

We've got less than two weeks to decide on the location and more or less exact time:
Irwin and Jose twittered today: ‏
@_connectedcare to @josecamposmd Tapas Bar. WED June 12th. Any further details?
I asked: 
@Rheumatologe to @_connectedcare @JoseCamposMD Is this going to be "official"?
And Irwin answered: @_connectedcare to @Rheumatologe @JoseCamposMD Official? Well, 11 of us have said yes! Now need a venue & time to meet. Put it on your blog and send us a link!
So, we'll need a Tapas Bar on Wednesday evening. And we'll should make clear, who's coming. All 11, less, or more (friends, spouses, countrymen?). Suggestions are wellcome!

We're getting closer, Shashank just twittered:
Dr. shashank akerkar @doctorakerkar
Any plans for a tweetup at

Irwin just twittered:
Dr Irwin Lim@_connectedcare 7h

I put Jose's message up here for convinience reasons.
 Hi again: CONFIRMED: it will be wednesday the 12th, 7pm, at La Barbacoa de Berlin (Berlin Park, 204 Principe de Vergara St), 15 people. Hope you will like the place!


  1. Hi everybody! Q1. Would you like to go to a tapas bar you will (probably) never visit as a tourist, or do you prefer a, let´s say, "more international" place?

  2. I also vote for the insider Tapas bar

  3. Can we have it on 13 th. There would be a bit of jetlag on day one...

  4. As I tweeted yesterday, my 1st choice went out of business during winter... my second choice is not so typical but is very conveniently located from convention center and city center, inside a park, with the possibility of dining outdoors (weather permitting)... and with a good tapas offer. Further details this afternoon...


  5. Hi all
    I'm on hols at moment but if
    I follow we are going for 12th at 7pm.
    Happy to go wherever - very easy going me.
    See you soon,

  6. Hi again: CONFIRMED: it will be wednesday the 12th, 7pm, at La Barbacoa de Berlin (Berlin Park, 204 Principe de Vergara St) , 15 people. Hope you will like the place!

  7. Great! No problem with date n time. Waiting to meet all of you...