Monday, May 7, 2012

Organic Issues at a Zen Buddhist Temple

Last year, coming from North Korea I also paid a visit to Beijing and especially to a Zen Buddhist Temple near Beijing, the Longquan Temple (龙泉寺):

Interior of the Temple


Statue of a sitting Buddha (Maitreya)

Newer Wing of Longquan Monastery

I always thought of Germany as a world champion in waste separation, but at the monastery they separate organic wastes, paper, packaging carton, metal, glass, plastic, plastic bottles, and batteries. What an achievement!

Waste separation

No wonder that in the vicinity you will find other activities, which are directed to achieve goals of a beginning organic/green movement. I’ve been able to attend to a portion of the 2011 China International LOHAS – Organic and Biodynamic Agricultural Forum. As the international speakers mainly came from Germany or the German speaking Alps region, we could of course talk in German. I saw some very eager Chinese people trying to translate the English test being presented. It has been a hard task as the Chinese vocabulary of biodynamic technical terms is still in the making.

2011 China International LOHAS – Organic and Biodynamic Agricultural Forum

 Discussions at a break

It takes a while to get out of Beijing, but it has been worth the effort.

You might also be interested in how to get to the temple and “A Very Special Display of Metta”:  

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