Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Haiku Not Only Winter Tales

Above ashes
Embers and a flame
Mocking darkness

As if writing
A haiku
Was a problem

Never mind
Solving a problem
That vanishes on it own

A telescope
To come closer
To your coldness

Evening breeze
Darkness around the barn
Cows moo, lonely

The butterflies
Move up and down
At the streetlight

Cold night
The moon still got
Clouds as cover

At nightfall
The moon will rest
In his cloudy bed

Dark waves
Sky covered up
Oyster snuggles

Blown out candle
Still colder your talk
How long till sunrise?

Of course
Your curse
Is a caress

At the old pond
Frogs bungee jumping
No sound of water

How quickly
Mice learn
To eat my cookies


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