Monday, January 15, 2018

Some Poetry, written for another purpose


River running and rolling
Then slackened and stagnant
Barks bowing to billows

Olive water and withered willows
Boys playing on barren banks
Black smoke blown from barbecues

Mists moving though mornings
Icy mud clings to the mooring
The cranes cross in large crowds

Winter mollies the waterfront
White blanket melts despite the whiff
Rivulet murmurs into the Rhine

Spring returns with snowmelt
River sloshes around and across the slopes
First buds opening for the busy bees

Oh, join me for a journey
Along the towpaths and through towns
Through all seasons with sober mirth

Remember the colors

Bleached doors
Security men in blue uniforms
None left
All gone

Blue dots on white doors
Torn out of the hinges
Grey are the ashes
To be filled into urns
The wish for hearts of flesh

Empty town
Ghost town

Remember the colors
Red isn't blue yet
But blue turns into grey

                Buenos Aires 31.10.2017

After sunshine some rain
Now summer

Harvest the crystals

Harvest the crystals
That come from starlight
Do not let
The wind take any crystals

Empty your lungs
Against the wind
Do not lose the harvest

Let Charon take his break
Empty all crystals
Into Lethe's darkness

If death prevails
Then not eternally
Harvest the crystals

                Buenos Aires 31.10.2017


We sacrificed
Writing hands
To the blue steeled sickle

But never said

                Buenos Aires 31.10.2017

Morning at Beagle Canal

Tranquil morning at the canal
Wind, gust and breeze have ceased

The water lies dark and oily
No ripples, no boat, no rain

An Alaska goose seems to moor
No paddling, no ripples, no movement

Burt some birds sing into the morning
And flower open to spread perfume

All serenity will be gone soon
As day proceeds and wind returns

                Ushuaia 04.11.2017

To the end
        Reminiscing This is the End by The Doors

Let us drown
In pictures
In misspelt tweets

Let us suffocate
In words
In politicians' lies

Let us return
To the origin
To the end

To the end that is beginning

                Torres del Paine 07.11.2017


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