Saturday, November 3, 2018

Dress Code for Men in Iran

Iranian men sitting in an opening of the bazaar

If one visits a foreign country, one should be more conservative and respectful of the traditions as a visitor. Iranian hospitality gives lots of lee way for foreigners. Men have to follow fewer rules than women. Wearing shorts in public, especially in cities looks odd and should be avoided.

Principally men should also cover legs and arms. According to this rule men would have to long sleeved shirts, but in real life short sleeved shirts and T-Shirts are O.K. I’ve seen men wearing ties, which had been shunned for a while, but is acceptable again. But do you wish to wear a tie during your vacation? Sandals with or without socks are also O.K.
Shorts and three-quarter pants are a clear NO. I guess there won’t be revolutionary guards rushing towards you, but you’re a guest and wearing trousers or jeans won’t kill you.

This is a negative example

I call this disgusting and ill-mannered



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