Thursday, November 8, 2018

Nomads in Iran 2018

Typical tent of the nomads

There are nomads in Iran and you can still find them. As I pointed out in my account on the nomads in Tibet, they also try to stay near roads as they use trucks to carry tents and belongings. Maybe having access to reception for their cell phones plays a role, too. They may own a house or a shed somewhere besides the tents, but they have to migrate because of uncertain rain and grass for their life stock, mostly sheep and goats. Not all nomads are pastoralists, though.
In the photographs you will notice that they also have to bring water.

I think that the people you see in my pictures belong to the Bakhtiari (بختیاری), who are a southwestern Iranian tribe, [which is the region, where I took the pictures. They speak Bakhtiari, which is a dialect of the Lurish language. Daughter in Farsi is doxtar (دختر), in German Tochter, in Bakhtiari dōder and in Minjai (another Lurish dialect) duxter. So the language is Indo-European.
Maybe you have heard about the Iranian actress Behnoosh Bakhtiari (بهنوش بختیاری).

15 years ago in preparing a journey to Iran, we watched the famous documentary Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life (1925), which tells “the story of the migration of Bakhtiari tribe from winter quarters in Khuzestan to summer quarters Chahar Mahaal”. The movie is available on DVD.

A hearty greeting

Different tent sites in lonelier regions

Near a gas station

A successful pastoralist

The daughters of the pastoralist
They took my photograph, too 

Tents, water container, pick-up, motor-bike, bike ...



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