Saturday, November 3, 2018

Shooting a Soap Opera for Iranian TV

This isn't a real scene in the carawansary 
I stumbled upon a shooting
for a TV soap opera

Iran has TV, also HDTV. For obvious reasons they have to shoot quite a lot of own soap operas. I have scanned TV and I’ve taken still photographs, which I’ll display later as TV is more interesting than one imagines. But here I want to share about the shooting of a soap opera, which I have seen myself. And I also took the chance to meet the crew. 

The script 

Just before the next take
IRL you have to search for women dressing so conservativly 
especially how they have to wear the haed scarf

Two pictures of the crew -
quite a few people!

These kids are very young!
They should play football in the dry fountain,
they did so, but it has been a lame game.
Then they were told to chase the ball round, 
which worked perfectly.



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