Friday, November 2, 2018

Toilets for the Traveller in Iran

Let's start with a bad example - 
the graininess of the picture shows 
how dark it has been in the cubicle

When travelling I always look at the toilets, as I have to use the conveniences provided. And I have seen some very bad examples. The positive impressions prevail in Iran, though I’ll show you some bad examples, too. Last weekend I have been travelling through Germany and I’ve seen the worst toilet in years – sorry, I didn’t have my camera with me, otherwise I would have shown this toilet here for contrast.

The preceeding three picture belong to one facility -
obviously dirty and NOT near a mosque.
Graffiti and overpainting make art, however 

The preceeding three picture belong together -
solid average at a gas station

Do you see me outside?
It looks wet. Water is wet. 
But the internet does not have a function for smell. 

Pure luxury!

Somewhere in a pistacchio field -
not meant for tourists, 
but plain and pure

I am a passionate non-smoker -
this is one of the reasons

This example belongs to a mosque -
needed to be opened by the housekeeper

More than necessary -
needed only a flush



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