Sunday, November 4, 2018

Garbage and Recycling in Iran

I have always been interested about recycling of garbage. So, I look carefully how it’s done in other countries. The smaller the country the more effort is laid into solving the problem. Iran is a very big country. I’ve seen separating garbage for recycling only in Yazd. In other cities garbage is collected and transported to somewhere. And I have seen some bad examples of wild deposits of garbage.

Last year the Financial Tribune told us: “The rate of material recycling in Iran revolves around 1-2%” and: “The recycling industry has a share of less than 0.1% in Iran’s economy”. Germany and Iran are comparable in population. Germany has an area of 357,000 km², whereas Iran holds a little less than 1,650,000 km². Germany has a percentage of around 50% material recycling and Iran the above mentioned 1-2%.



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