Friday, November 2, 2018

Sculptures by Hadi Nikan (نيکان هادي) at the Art Center in Tehran

We got stuck in the traffic going to the rich north of Tehran. We visited a gallery in a park (Art Center Garden: No. 145, North Salimi st, Andarzgoo, Tehran). It’s one of the few villas about 100 years old that haven’t been torn down to make place for the erection of skyscrapers. There are two cafés in the garden (Atin Art Café and Chai Bar Café). One building is the home of The Persian Calligraphers Society.

The current exhibition at the Art Center Gallery by the artist Hadi Nikan (نيکان هادي) is called Innocent; O.K. current is relative - means about 4 weeks ago. These are sculptures made of strings, thread and glue, which were painted with color. It is about the innocence after birth, which is changed by external influences, experiences, society, fellow human beings. "One becomes a doctor, the other a murderer." Philosophically, Hadi Nikan is attracted and influenced by the existentialism of Jean-Paul Sartre.

Parts of the exhibition with pictures of Mohammad Hadi Fadavi (محمد هادي فروي) were still to be seen.

Parviz Tanavoli (تناولي پرويز) is a well-known artist and he still has metal sculptures on display.

Some of the exhibits

 Artist Hadi Nikan (نيکان هادي) during the discussion

The Art Center with the big sculpture of 
 Parviz Tanavoli (تناولي پرويز) in front


Artinno Gallery (


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