Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Three Bakeries

We needed bread for a picnic and stopped at a rather unobtrusive suburb. Just by sheer luck there were three different bakeries next to each other.

The first bakery specialized in pastries. But we weren’t looking for sweet buns and similar baked goods.

The second shop used lots of automated equipment. The dough is kneaded by a machine and rolled out by a machine. A worker places the raw bread on a revolving cylinder, where the bread is baked in one or two minutes, then another worker gets the fresh bread out of the oven and another one packs it.

On the left: dough sheet is taken by the bakery worker and placed into the oven. The worker on the righ side takes the bread out of the oven. The third one packs it.

The van is nearly rady to go
The third bakery baked the bread by hand. The bread is baked on hot pebbles. This bread was very good.  

Peparing the dough just before putting it into the oven 

Bread baking on pebbles 

Taking out the fresh bread - 
OMG they aren't wearing safety shoes!

 - another adventure into the world of baking bread (Khiva, Uzbekistan)



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