Friday, November 2, 2018

Lyric published at POETs The Original from 26.10.2018 until 31.10.2018

Autumn colours
All decaying to grey
Except the ivy

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (poem)
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Barges of Time
We tow the barges of time
No burden we think
And yet nothing weighs heavier
We walk through warm sand
The rope tenses and we pull harder
When we feel the exhaustion
We’ll reach for colored refreshments
We call out orders to the dumb
And the blind mix the colors 
But no mug in sight
But then it comes
The grumpy gust of wind
Sometimes it drives us forward
Sometimes it takes from our time
Ahwas (اهواز)
© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (picture and poem)


Autumnal with Blue Mug
Autumn is coming soon
In no time the fields are bare
In no time the fields are white
Only the clouds move on
Maybe some birds
Get your harvest
Fill basket after basket
In no time the stores are filled
In no time glass by glass is filled
But not the blue mug
The year was tiring
But you cannot sleep
But do not drink from the blue liquid
Which you are served hypocritically
Kermanshah (کرمانشاه)
© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (picture and poem)

Thousand broken urns
From all shards
You restored just one
The ashes are blown
From all urns
You have filled just one
Blood has flown
Ashes are gone
But the remembrance continues
I must apologize
For this slip of the tongue

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (picture and poem)
Shiraz (شراز)


Tausend zerBrochene Urnen
Aus allen Scherben
Hast Du eine restauriert

Die Asche verWeht
Aus allen Urnen
Eine hast Du noch geFüllt

Blut ist geFlossen
Asche ist verWeht
Aber die ErInnerung bleibt


Ich bitte um EntSchuldigung
Ich habe mich verSprochen

Shiraz (شراز)

The two “verSprochen” play with the two meanings: pledge and lapsus linguae.


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