Saturday, November 3, 2018

Parks Exclusively for Women in Iran

Some Iranian cities have parks exclusively for women. In these parks they are totally free to dress as they wish; they might jog or ride a bike – oh, the last isn’t possible in all parks, but I’ve seen women riding a bike despite a negative fatwa on women’s bike riding.
Criticism comes both from women’s activist, who argue: “These parks are an insult and I will never go there. I refuse to be secluded in a reservation,” and from conservative Iranian men, The Guardian: “ … that parks where headscarves can be removed will only “cause confusion” among women, because they might start doubting the necessity of covering themselves up in public at all times.” Women in the parks however are happy to walk around uncovered, do sports and sunbathe.
Taking photographs inside the park is forbidden, but you know how it is with smartphones nowadays.

Some of the men in my group were a bid annoyed be denied access, but the women came out to take our photographs of have photographs together with the foreigners.



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