Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Late Summer

Late Summer
Late garden party
Full moon

A flock of clouds
And the early birds
Crossing the river

Stars above pines
Meadow in Jupiter’s light
The fox turns away

Black forest
Just after the rain
Taciturn as the crickets

Still figuring out
How to
Appreciate haiku

Setting sun
Slacking evening
Clouds fade to grey

So careful
Where to go to
On a carefree vacation

Looking into faces
Sadness changes to joy
Looking back at you

As clouds settle
And wind rests in pines
Crickets keep the beat

Isaac's eye
Stillness prevails shortly
Until his onslaught

Bamboo leaves
Cuddling on the ground
Sweet love



  1. Einfach schön !
    Der letzte Absatz gefällt mir am Besten :-)
    Einen schönen Wochenteiler wünsche ich

  2. Danke!
    Ich sehe gerade, dass ich dieses Haiku und andere zum Bambus schon einmal veröffentlicht hatte:
    Und da ist auch noch ein Haibun:

    I just see that I have already published this haiku and others on bamboo:
    And there is also a haibun: