Friday, January 27, 2012

All kinds of Health Tips (1)

Serotonin (5-hydroxy Tryptamine) and Tryptophane can help to improve mood.

You can take serotonin directly out of pineapple, papaya, grapes, nuts, avocado, tomatoes, and buttermilk.

Tryptophane is available in bananas, dates, spelt, wheat germ, legumes and much more.

The content of vitamins & minerals is up to 7 times higher in the peel than in the fruit of apples & co.

Concerning potatoes on the other hand, the contents of vitamins is higher in the core. So peeling potatoes is alright.

Cucumbers have a high content of phytochemicals (promoting health) in the peel. But also pesticides accumulate there.

So enjoy unpeeled organic cucumbers and better peel conventional cucumbers.

Minerals are better absorbed if taken without too much nutritional fibre.

Nutritional fibre, however, is a good precaution against colon cancer.

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