Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All kinds of Health Tips (5)

Sports such as walking, cycling, swimming can help to reduce stress hormones.

When you have your break, it should be a break and not a hastily gulped sandwich while doing telephone service.

More time: Put your watch in your pocket or turn it around. Look at the world in peace and tranquillity.

More time: Act against time stress. Don’t let yourself be rushed.

More time: Less is more. Don’t overload your day with dates and meetings.

More time: see that you experience some moments of real quietness every day, for example in a church or a pond.

More time: search for the islands of tranquility and go there! Every city has these quiet islands.

Perfectionism leads to stress and stress to disease. Allow imperfection.

Regular meditation is boring at first, but reduces stress and leads in the long term to a happy state of serenity.

Too much zinc is harmful, but too little also. More than 100 mg zinc increases as the risk of prostate cancer by 229%.

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