Friday, January 6, 2012

Limited Scleroderma

These pictures show the left forefinger of a 53 year old woman. About 10 days ago the lesion on the digital pulp got a secondary infection and was treated by surgeons with 50 mgs prednisolone and cefuroxim. The yellow staining of the skin is due to the use of a iodine containing disinfectant. Last lab didn’t show inflammation (ESR 23 mm, CRP <3,0 mg/l, Leukocytes 11.9 /nl with a normal differential blood count).

Therapy at the moment: 20 mg prednisolone, 2x62.5 mg Tracleer (bosentan), 100 mg aspirin, 1x10 mg enalapril, 1x5 mg amlodipine, 1x40 mg pantozole, iodine, 20,000 IU cholecalciferole every 2nd week. Prior to bosentan we treated with ilomedine and prostavasine intravenously for 3 weeks.

Other lab counts: Antinuclear antibodies 1:10240, centromer antibodies.

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