Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pyongyang - restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands – a report on ZDF (German TV)

North Korea is not a country, whose regime is known for humanity, but it wouldn’t do good to any cause to report incorrectly. Yesterday, the ZDF reported on the restaurant of Pyongyang in Amsterdam. [not available anymore] 
Someone claimed that the relatives of the North Korean employees are held as hostages in prisons or concentration camps. This is astupid statement, to say the least. The people, who may leave North Korea, come from the environment of regime supporters. Why should their relatives being put in prison? The whole country is but a prison. The population can not even travel from one city to another without special permission. Connections such as buses or trains do not exist. Private cars do not exist. Even the privileged parts of the population can not move freely. And who is surveilling whom is also not clear. There is enough obvious surveillance of the population (like the smartly-dressed policewomen and the not less neatly dressed chaperons - see here on the blog), one can only speculate on surveillance of the secret service.
The regime in North Korea is evil enough, one mustn’t distort reality by exaggerations.

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