Thursday, September 13, 2018

Extreme Pilgrims in Tibet

He was travelling with his friend

On any trip through Tibet you will see pilgrims prostrating themselves. They drop forward on the ground, stretch out, pray, and get up to go where the head has been and prostrate again. Every three steps, which is to remind themselves of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Some pilgrims move this way throughout Tibet to Lhasa, which means a journey of months or years. I could talk to some, who were already travelling this way for nine months. Maybe you think that these pilgrims are crazy. I don’t think so. It takes lots of courage and determination to do this day in and out. They have my full respect. 

Tashi delek! 

Two female and one male pilgrim - 
travelling already for 
nine months together with others

They also belong to the group


 This pilgrim measures the kora in Lhasa 
not with the length 
but with the breadth of his body

A mother with her two girls on the pilgrimage -
it seems easy to speculate about the fate,
which has pounced on this family

He was circling the kora prostrating on one leg ...

 ... and once I saw someone giving him some small notes.


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