Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Yanjing Catholic Church in Tibet

Shortly after crossing from Yunnan into Tibet, I came to see a catholic church. I was quite surprised, but this is the Yanjing Catholic Church (盐井天主教堂). The founders had been French missionaries in the 1860ies. The village has about 1000 inhabitant, whereof 500 are Christians; according to ´the Chinese source there are 600 people in the village and 80% are Christians. The local Tibetan priests name has been given in Chinese as Lu Rendi (鲁仁弟).The bible is read in Tibetan. The Yanjing Catholic Church is the only catholic church in Tibet.

Bell Tower

Entrance into the Church

The upper half of the right side of the 
black board is a riddle 
as I can't find which language it represents.




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