Friday, September 7, 2018

The Aprons of Tibetan Women

I have been fascinated by the colorful striped aprons of Tibetan women. They usually wear a blouse and a long dress called chuba and from the waist down an apron, which is called pangden or paangden and which signals that the woman is married. I didn’t see much change during the past 20 years as the Tibetans tend to be more conservative in dressing. Moreover it’s also a marker of ethnicity.

A woman from street cleaning 
is interested in a new apron

City dwelers or nomads -
all wear aprons 

Two pilgrims at Shigatse

Local women waiting for their kids 
in front of a primary school

She is wearing more than one apron

New aprons at thanksgiving 

Pilgrims in Lhasa (2009)

Shop for ladies garments in Lhasa



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