Saturday, September 15, 2018

Lyric published at POETS The Original from 05.09. till 13.09.2018

Trees in darkness
No comfort, fire, house
Only ISS passing

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch


How much weighs a hug
A kiss, memories, tenderness
Your fragrance
That lingers in the dark
That lingers in the cold

That crystal wisp of wind
Which howls from bare branches
I’ve left the doors and windows open
My body is shivering
As much as my tortured soul

I ask the icy breath of death
But you don’t answer anymore

So white in the dark
So cold in the dark

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (picture & poem)

Silk of the Night

The silk of the night
Which lies down with a crackle
Stars robbed of their clothes
Cold trembles with black branches
On which pigeons nest
Gray hides in black
The crescent moon lingers behind the horizon
And eternity is late

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch

Seide der Nacht

Die Seide der Nacht
Die sich knisternd niederlegt
Sterne, ihrer Kleidung beraubt
Kälte zittert mit schwarzen Zweigen
Auf denen Tauben nisten
Grau verbirgt sich in Schwarz
Die MondSichel verweilt hinter’m Horizont
Und die Ewigkeit verspätet sich

© 2012 Lothar M. Kirsch

Our Mirror Images

Your reflection in the well
How it disappears in the deep
SpLiNteReD by the impact of the bucket

My reflection in the sky
As it cannot see you
In millions of tearDrops
Striking broken in the well

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch

Unsere SpiegelBilder

Dein SpiegelBild im Brunnen
Wie es in der Tiefe verschwindet
ZerSplitTerT im AufTreffen des Eimers

Mein SpiegelBild am Himmel
Wie es dich nicht sehen kann
In Millionen von Thrän’n
GeBrochen im Brunnen aufTrifft

© 2012 Lothar M. Kirsch

New wiper blade
The layer of dirt gone
What a brave new world

And the Asahi Haikuist Network by David McMurray published two my haiku:

On the porch
dripping from the roof
a summer evening

Kirsch pays tribute to an old haiku master:

Dried out pond
no frog to be seen
yet his mystery

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch

Pumpkin at his Best

All the leaves are brown
But the pumpkin glows orange
Still waiting for his time
Out there in the garden
With the nine bean rows

Before winter’s quietness
There’s autumns shuffle of feet
In brown and desiccated leaves
And then there also is
A walk from house to house

That’s when the pumpkin
Joins the merry crowd
And looks through hollowed eyes
Yet with his smiling lips
He asks for trick or treat

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch
#poetslineprompts host +karen hayward - thanks Karen for this prompt, that no one can resist, but I had to refrain from writing on Orange is the New Black.

Leaves turning yellow
Wild geese ready to leave
But still the crickets

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch


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