Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Fading Summer

Leaves turning yellow
Wild geese ready to leave
But still the crickets

(Simultaneously published at POETS The Original)

Too cold for summer
Cucumbers are shivering
Tomato still glows

Stumbling at night
A tree shedding fruits
Sorry, old pal!

The night not so dark
Rain keeps falling in thick drops
But the cricket chirps

Lonely dead end street
As darkness falls so quickly
Pumpkin’s orange glow

The stars are twinkling
Late summer provides a beer
A forgotten song

The moon is like a lantern
“I hang from the aspens”
Let’s drink summer wine

Late summer, cool
The rabbits rush to their boroughs
For morning TV

Some scattered dark clouds
The first blue glowing behind
And the warbler’s song

Light autumn rain
And a carpet of yellow leaves
People walk upon


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