Saturday, September 8, 2018

Tibetan Hard Cheese or Chhurpi

Two nomad youngsters sell chhurpi to one of our drivers

There are different kinds of cheese in Tibet, but for me most interesting is the hard cheese or chura kampo, which is a cheese that has been dried to be hard as stone and equally good to store. The cheese called chhurpi is usually dried in small cubes on a string and is even harder. 

The cheese is made from buttermilk. You can chew or suck chhurpi for hours. Or you cut or shave this cheese into chippings and mix some with tsampa (barley) and yak butter tea, which I did for breakfast. Sometimes the nomads put chhurpi into the soup, but usually cheese is eaten raw.

The left bowl is also chura kampo, 
maybe chhurpi not fully dried;
the right bowl contains chhurpi.



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