Saturday, January 26, 2019

Muckefuck – English text

Yesterday I thought about the German word Muckefuck and today I could almost have looked at the origin of the F-word, if my PC would block such silly requests. But let's stay with Muckefuck. Mucke is a German slang word for music and Fuck is uh, yes, just not f*ck. Besides the German word Muckfuck has nothing to do with the English word motherf**ker!

Muckefuck sometimes refers to thin coffee, but mostly it’s used for substitute or ersatz coffee, e.g. made from chicory roots. Mucke goes back to Mucken or Mulm and the German adjective fuck means foul, rotten. Mulm refers to decayed, rotten plant parts and also humus soil.

Am I now starting to drink Muckefuck? No, no chance! I drink cold coffee because of the caffeine.



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  1. There is a short story by Wilhem Hauff called "Der kleine Muck" (Little Muck), which I think I should have mentioned. Actually the story has nothing to do with Muckefuck. Wilhelm Hauff (1802-1827) belongs to the group of romantic poets.