Thursday, January 3, 2019

Some Poems Published on Poets The Original during December 2018

© 2018 Karen Hayward

POETs The Original on Google+ is history because Google+ will shut down soon. POETs The Original has already moved to MeWe and will prosper there. But here are poems, which I had published on the old platform.

The Sun Dies in Feeble Colors

As for the winter sun
The bare trees do not weep
The frosty clouds sail the wind
But I bear tears in my eyes
As the sun dies in feeble colors

The wind blows heavier
And frost is biting my face
A buzz from the dark branches
Will they break and splinter
While the sun dies in feeble colors?

The tree stands the wind
The wind goes off with the clouds
I let my eyes run dry
But the sun dies in feeble colors

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (poem)
Invited by +Bubbly – thank you very much!

Black Paradox

What could become
Of these dark days
Which poke along so sluggishly
Tree stumps in black mirrors
And the colorful paintings of the children
Appear only black

Then why brings
Paint it Black
So much sunshine?

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (poem and picture)

Through the window
Snow slips off the roofs
The rose bushes are bare now
Only a few yellowed leaves left
And the purple red rosehips
Wind hissing into the gray silence
Brown leaves sticking to the ground
Advent? There’s only death and stillness

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (poem and picture)

First snow
On the highway
Jingle bells’ speed

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (Haiku)

Published by ASAHI HAIKUIST NETWORK/ David McMurray:
Lothar M. Kirsch sipped white peony tea.
White tea
the first buds
wrinkled now
December 7, 2018 at 07:30 JST

Music of the Spheres

In absolute silence
Can you hear
The squeaking of the spheres
The screeching of the spheres
Maybe you can also hear the music in it

In the squeaking and crackling
Of the shunting yard
I discover bold music


In absoluter Stille
Kannst Du es hören
Das Quietschen der Sphären
AufKreischen der Sphären
Vielleicht hörst Du auch Musik darin

Im Quietschen und Krachen
Des RangierBahnHofs
Entdecke ich Musik

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (poem and picture)
© 2013 Lothar M. Kirsch (German version)

Winter approaching
Fresh snow on fir trees and all
Homeless shivering

© 2018 Lothar M. Kirsch

    the cabbage-
very much
the same
he, too

© 2016 German version, 2017/2018 Lothar M. Kirsch (picture and poem)

My left shoelace snapped a couple of days ago. I've knotted the ends together and only today I've been able to find new ones. I went to the hairdresser's and while waiting I wanted to change the shoelaces. I couldn't get the strings out of the package as they were designed male proof. Then the lady waiting next to me took the package and opend it for me.


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